Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Above are pictures of my friend Nazwa at Mata Air, Perlis, 2011.
.   .   .   .

The previous weekend felt like the longest weekend I've ever had in quite awhile. Left work at 5am, went on a 7.10am flight to Alor Setar, Kedah and by night I was wiped out. It's interesting that when you fully utilize a whole stretch of a day from early morning to night, it can make 3 days feel like an entire week. I rarely utilize days like that anymore. Plus, time seems to go by so slowly when you do that.

I stumbled across this wonderful Argentinian film that I can't stop thinking about. Medianeras or Sidewalls is is your basic love story of boy meets girl but it's a story that feels so in tune to the 21st century. It's been a while since I came across a film that I thoroughly enjoyed. Sidewalls had all the exact qualities I would look for in a film. It had quotes that resonated deeply with my life, it spun small quiet moments that feels cozy enough to crawl into, and had just the right amount of cheesy dosage. I could watch this again and never feel tired of it.

Tonight I depart for Istanbul, another planned vacation that I had reserved from earlier this year. The strain of planning and packing that goes into vacation preparation is starting to get to me. Maybe it's time to take a vacation from a vacation?