Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Call It Fate, Call It Karma

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So what do I think about the 5th Strokes record? Let me just be honest, this blog was essentially a music blog (and I do plan to retain it that way as much as possible). The band that first propelled me into these music blog forays was in fact the Strokes (surprise, surprise). But since then, we grew apart, the band went to pursue their solo careers, I went on to sample even more music. Before we even knew it, we all grew older and our music taste started to evolve, and we began to be musically inclined to different things.

And that is exactly how I like to think the band has evolved. Although not in a way I would want them to, the change was still for the better, because it was a sign of progress. It's true when they say that the Strokes sounds their worst when they try too hard to be the Strokes, like in 'All the Time'. For one thing, I don't hate the song, but it reminded the early Strokes' fans too much of how the band once was, how far the band has come, and how they will never be the band we once knew them to be. It was painful in a way, to be reminded of the glory days from Is This It or Room on Fire. The most painful thing though, that as hard as 'All the Time' tries to give a throwback to the past, it still lacked character, charisma, an overall appeal.

I'm not saying I hate this record, (though I am rambling here and going way off on a tangent, but do bear with me, the Strokes is still one of those bands that I get stupidly excited for), I do favour the softer songs off this record, like '80s Comedown Machine', 'Chances', and 'Call It Fate, Call It Karma'. The album in its entirety is a definite grower with tunes that catches me completely by surprise. If this album is any indication to the music that they'll be churning out in the future (either solo or as a group, because either way it's fine with me), then I couldn't be more highly excited for it.

If you still haven't, do take some time to stream the album in its entirety here:
+ The Strokes Comedown Machine
And take a listen to my favourite song from the album here:
+ Call It Fate, Call It Karma