Saturday, May 05, 2012

For Those Long Summer Nights

Two things that I'm currently obsessed about right now, are sleep and coffee in the morning. Because I rarely get the two, and when I do, it feels hella amazing.

But anyway, I'm not sure where exactly this blog is heading; it's almost taken a photography blog turn, although that's never been quite my intention. But considering the number of photos I have in my stash, it felt like the most logical path to take. To turn this into a semi photo/music/personal blog I mean.

But enough about that.

The Bandana Splits - Hold On
There's an app I've been using on my phone lately which has been contributing a lot to some new and good music. One song I've discovered in particular is this very one. I've been keeping it on repeat for at least a few days. If I'm not listening to it on soundcloud, I'm carrying it with me in my thoughts wherever I go. Makes me look forward to the weekend even more.

Hope you enjoy yours too!