Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paris, I Miss You #2

Second installment of the Paris visit. On the third day, we readied for our departure for a weekend in London. Before we left, we went for a stroll around the Montmartre neighbourhood.

With luggage in tow, we stopped at a nice Kebab shop (it was right across Moulin Rouge) for lunch.

A very generous portion for myself. Granted, I needed it to prepare myself for the long journey across the chunnel (so to speak).

(My pictures are ruined, I'll say it before you do. At least I know now where to not develop my photos.)

London welcomed our presence and greeted us with it's snowiest weather.

Clink 78 is a hostel for hipsters.

Previously a 200 year old courthouse, Clink 78 has two courtrooms that's been transformed into a computer room and a TV lounge, as well as 7 original prison cells.

Sunday morning in London, and the snow has turned muddy overnight.

The view of the hostel from outside.

The building of St. Pancras train station. Although this building in particular houses the Renaissance St. Pancras hotel, I believe.

On board the 'Original London Bus Tour' and out of the way from the wet, muddy pavement. It was the only way to view London in a day without getting your shoes and socks wet.

An early dinner at Pizza Express.

My very last tube ride before I leave back to Paris. But I'm secretly hoping that isn't true and that I return soon to London someday.

Early Monday Morning, rushing to catch the train that leaves for Paris.

Goodbye London. I'll miss you.

Back in Paris and I felt like I was back at my temporary home again.

We were heading to Sacré Coeur. It was a must-see place since it was so close to the hostel we were staying.

The small road leading us there, felt so beautiful and magical in the most Parisian way, you could imagine.

The majestic view of Sacré Coeur stood high before us, and opposite the cathedral was the most beautiful Paris skyline. Talk about a night to remember.

Day six.

I'll always remember this place as the Trocadero because it was the closest metro station to the area. The weather was sunny and the view of Eiffel tower could not have been more perfect. But as my luck would have it, the film was somewhat damaged due to the airport/train station X-ray scanner. Despite the defect, the photos reminded me of vintage Paris circa the 70s. Natural instagram filters anyone?

More to follow in the coming 3rd installment.