Monday, March 12, 2012

{Covers} The Strokes

The beginning of this blog stemmed from a basic love and adoration for one band. Years have passed, and my collection grew, and the blog took on a bigger, broader scope. Now seemingly, more rarely than ever, it touches on subjects of the music from whence it came.

But here I have the perfect reminders of the music which I've cherished immensely. And the fact that they are covers culminates in the perfect integration of two things that I've grown to love throughout the years: the new bands that I had discovered and the songs that still rings true of treasured memories.

{mp3}  Andy Hull - Whatever Happened? (The Strokes Cover)

{mp3}  Cicero - Barely Legal (The Strokes Cover)

{mp3}  Foster The People - Machu Picchu (The Strokes Cover)

{mp3}  Real Estate - Barely Legal (The Strokes Cover)

{mp3}  The Morning Benders - Last Night (The Strokes Cover)