Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Take Me Somewhere

The way I discover music these days is less time-consuming then how I use to remember it. These days what I do is just simply pull out songs from other blogs; it's pretty much like filtering what has already been filtered from all the music that could be found out there. It's definitely an easy way out for someone like me to discover new music, but really, unearthing new hidden gems can be a full-time job, who has the time anymore?

But as days, weeks, months, years passed, I realized that I've grown more and more selective of the songs I'd consider as keepers. As I  relentlessly trail through the myriad of tunes in variety of blogs, I realized the fewer the songs I would set aside for the love-pile. Could it be the maturing ears perhaps? Whatever the reason may be, for those few who did make it onto the pile has since become so near and dear to my heart for providing the much needed shelter from the usual daily woes. I just can't get enough of Tennis; the laidback 60s sunny melodies simply overflows with warmth and loveliness.

{mp3}  Tennis - Take Me Somewhere

{mp3}  Tennis - Pigeons

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