Thursday, May 06, 2010

Covers, B-Sides and Rarities: Paolo Nutini’s “Wake Up”

I’m currently rummaging through all my cover songs collection which I’ve accumulated since late last year. The kind of trouble I’d only go for you my dear readers, because I’m well aware of the huge response given to this section of the blog. So from here on out, you’ll only be seeing covers (albeit quite old ones) that I exclusively love.

Hopefully, that is. If I can help myself.

Speaking of covers that I exclusively love, this rendition of Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’ by Paolo Nutini was simply a remake that was begged to be done. ‘Wake Up’ is a flawless tune, be it dressed up or dressed down, it simply can’t do no wrong. But this effortless acoustic performance by the Scottish singer adds softer, gentler nuances with enough vigor to hit the right spots, in contrast to the otherwise anthemic, vigorous song we’ve all grown so habituated to.

|mp3|  Paolo Nutini - Wake Up (Arcade Fire's cover)