Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Delphic is another band I’ve been relying on a whole lot lately to supply me with the more uplifting electropop tunes. I heard the Manchester group are kind of old news by now. But as you all are aware, being late and left behind at choosing which bands to be featured in the blog is kinda what I’m good at doing. So I should at least be given the chance to continue doing things that I’m good at doing, no?

I’ve mentioned that the electronic trio creates music in similar vein to Two Door Cinema Club. But that said, both bands differ quite vastly when stacked against each other. For starters, the music by Delphic isn’t as heavily laden with guitar as the latter. And secondly, Delphic tends to lean more towards the dance section of music. It’s hard to pin down specifically where the band draws their point of reference, but they do sound an awful lot like Klaxons. Here’s a quite fitting description to their album, Acolyte:
Their melodies are understated and the electronic backing is discreet. As a result, the album can take a few listens, but it does get under your skin and emerges as a record that will work to almost any environment. And yes, Delphic do recycle. You will hear New Order on Submission, Underworld on This Momentary and Bloc Party on Counterpoint. But they recycle well, managing to do it with gravitas. Reining in the excesses of Klaxons, Acolyte feels like a serious album. (
I have to admit, I haven’t actually given the album a thorough listen; but only because I keep going back and forth between their track ‘Doubt’ and ‘This Momentary’. The former a pulsating, dance number with slinky verses, while the latter an understated, synth-buzzing, trance voyage that’s sure to hook you in from start to finish. I’m sure there are hidden gems to be unearthed from the album, when I finally come around to listening to it soon. Consider it as one of the many unchecked things on my ‘Music I Need to Listen’ list. But for now, spare some time and be prepared to be charmed by these two tunes:

|mp3|    Delphic - Doubt
|mp3|    Delphic - This Momentary

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