Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 Out of 3 Rule

2 Out of 3 Rule makes some of the best lo-fi indie pop songs I’ve heard for quite awhile. But I’m so frustrated by how little I can find out about this band. They’ve yet to set up a proper band website plus they’ve yet to put up a proper band photo. But on the upside, they do have a proper full-length release that was recently unleashed earlier this year called Really Elementary. Out of the 20 tracks contained in the record, I’ve only had the pleasure of listening to six of those said tracks. And so far from what little I can make of it; it’s enough to convince me to go out and get this record so I can enjoy it in its entirety.

The four piece serves beautiful jangly pop, that’s nicely decked with infectious hooks and a hushed vocal delivery. I love the fact that they seem like a modest-looking group and yet are capable of sculpting such engaging and delightful pop tunes in similar vein to indie pop heavy-weights Camera Obscura. These are certainly songs that I’ll be treasuring the most this year. Now all I’m left to figure out is; how do I get my hands on this sweet piece of record?

|mp3| 2 Out of 3 Rule - Artman
|mp3| 2 Out of 3 Rule - Toy Soldier
|mp3| 2 Out of 3 Rule - You Can’t Choose Your Friends

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