Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #75

Leed’s the Lodger does not fall into the never-ending string of typical British Indie bands-- that I can definitely assure you. For a start their latest release, Life Is Sweet is distributed by yet again, the supreme label Slumberland Records (I think I love you Slumberland!). And though musically they tend to veer towards the more Brit-pop side of things, their songs come bundled with an endearing sense of modesty and a wonderful laidback feel. The threesome offers a fresh batch of instantly hummable and incredibly danceable pop songs on this latest release. Although some tunes may venture into harder, coarser territory that’s void of all cheerful quirks, the band is quick to rein them in back again and retain that all too sweet and charming but never cloying feel they started off with. Standout track, ‘The Good Old Days’ is simply loaded with perky, high-pitched guitar riffs on top of spidery bass lines, while hosting melodies that are so catchy, it’s ridiculous.

The Lodger - The Good Old Days (right-click save as)