Monday, November 10, 2008

New Faces

New Faces are truly a band to look out for. Young and barely graduated from high school, the songs by the Seattle three piece hits all the right places. ‘My Alarm’ overflows with a surge of restless vigour; a catchy, melodic undercurrent is highlighted by the deep baritone of frontman Nico Janssen. The music sort of stand out and resemble a cleaner, more approachable, and a less frayed adaptation of UK’s the Cribs so to speak. New Faces put some raw guitar power on full display in the brief two minute affair, ‘Melt Like Ice’, a music portrayal that’s analogous to almost all the young new bands that’s come out since this past decade. But if anything, New Faces certainly aren’t a shoddy imitation of more familiar bands like say the Strokes particularly for the immense potential they make visible. Their 2008 full length debut, Two Years is chock full of refreshing aural treats made up of a prolific mixture of 70s rock and 80s pop.

|mp3| New Faces - My Alarm
|mp3| New Faces - Melt Like Ice

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