Sunday, September 28, 2008

Twenty Two

Today, I officially turn twenty two, and truth be told, I’ve been feeling a bit ‘twenty two’ since earlier this year. Which by the way just reduces the length of time being officially a certain age by less than half a year-- if you know what I mean. That means, I’m only left with a minimum of three months left to immerse myself in all beings and things twenty two, before next year dawns in and I start to feel a bit ‘twenty three’.

A much long needed break is in order, not that I’m constantly attending to this blog anyway. But a joyous, festive, special, shall we say ‘cultural’ occasion is soon to emerge just around the corner, and I thought it necessary to take a complete, ‘one whole week’ break from all internet-related stuffs.

Also, I've noticed how the people who have sent messages doesn’t equal to the amount of people visiting the blog, which is quite a shame, because I’d love to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to send comments, suggestions, or just say hi, right down my way, through here.

Could’ve sworn I dreamt about that warm, red flush similar to that picture above, last night. I’ll write to you again in a week’s time.