Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The music of San Francisco band, Citay is surprisingly mesmerizing-- I say surprisingly, because the effect grows significantly with each subsequent listen. Their latest album, Little Kingdom released late last year, largely revolves around lush, opulent, instrumental compositions. Most of the songs here are very warm and pastoral with words kept to the bare minimum, and that works impressively well with the band’s musical style. Despite the cozy, rustic shades that should naturally evoke the Americana feel, it also transports you to other places further from the continent. Just where specifically is where I’ll leave you guys to found out. The organic touches are downplayed by epic sounds of propelling electric guitar solos, piling on more dimensions to an otherwise conventional folk tune.

It amazes me how I’ve managed to avoid from listening to any ‘Raya’ songs for the past weeks, but listening to Citay’s ‘Little Kingdom’, somehow brings me right into the center of it all. It's kind of unexpected but all in good terms.

|mp3| Citay - First Fantasy
|mp3| Citay - Little Kingdom

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