Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #58

Jukebox the Ghost creates immediately catchy, unassuming pop pieces. At first glance, the band may seem like your basic, typical indie pop trio, but instead of the guitar, bass, drums ensemble, the band opts for the guitar, piano, drums ensemble, thus slightly differentiating the music from the rest of the indie peers, as they cleverly substitute bass line sections for piano keys. Their newly released full-length debut, Let Live and Let Ghosts features energetic, piano-driven melodies and generous helpings of mandatory indie music quirkiness to complete the whole package. Opener number, ‘Hold It In’ is the most playful and most lively track from the collection; it instantly grabs your attention and draws you in towards the deft interplay between the chunky piano keys and thick riffs. ‘Hold It In’ could be best described as pure feel-good indie pop, that’s specially concocted to whet your appetite for ridiculously catchy tunes which are meant to naturally, evoke a carefree sense of well being. The Washington threesome has frequently been portrayed as a cross between Ben Folds, Queen, and They Might Be Giants, an association that’s pretty darn spot on and clear enough to be detected through this track:

Jukebox the Ghost - Hold It In