Friday, August 08, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #57

It was only through a cover song of a popular teen flick’s opening theme, was how I discovered the husband and wife, Indie rock duo, Mates of State, and nothing more. And yet, I felt an incomprehensible affinity towards the twosome despite the fact that the cover was the only performance I’ve ever heard by them, needless to say, that the tune wasn’t even the band’s for the saying.

The release of the band’s latest offering Re-arrange Us, begged me to take a closer peek into their collection of ten fresh new songs, which I’m glad to say I did because this album does not disappoint even a bit. Re-arrange Us is packed with tooth-achingly, sweet treats, wrapped around lyrics that weaves a tale on simple domestic delights, thus resulting in a record that’s such a joy to listen to. The songs take on the shapes of pure, undemanding indie pop, though there’s nothing close to conventional about the pop structures that are fashioned by the two piece; hence turning each round of repeated listen, into an even more engaging and intriguing listen than the previous. What I'm most drawn towards is the consoling, reassuring tones that are present in the vocals of both Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel and in the way the lyrics are simply sung. Even more than that, I love the unabashed confidence and energy each track exudes as both Garner and Hammel show their natural flair for simple yet effective and sparkling melodies-- I highly recommend.

Mates of State - My Only Offer

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