Monday, August 18, 2008


If there’s one thing that Indie Indonesian bands are great at, it’s the heavenly jangly guitar sounds which they’ve perfected in their brand of indie pop music. I feel like I should know more about the Indonesian twee pop band Annemarie, but there’s not much I can dig out on these guys. What used to be their MySpace page is unfortunately, no longer in existence. Which makes me draw to the conclusion of; perhaps they’ve disbanded and stopped their career of music making altogether. However, if you scour the blogosphere, you’ll find an odd post or two, speaking favorably of Annemarie’s previous works.

I didn’t expect to get this hooked on the band, but after taking a listen to one of their most noteworthy track, ‘Apple(Suicide on your Stereo Set)’, taken from their debut album, ABC on TV, I can’t seem to stop listening to it ever since. ‘Less than perfect’, yet sweet vocals grace sparkly melodies, forming a perfect pop charmer that’s easy on the ears. Even more worth mentioning is the unperfected English pronunciation that actually comes off endearing to me. I have to say, it’s the minor flaws and imperfections in the tune that makes it so much more intriguing to listen to over and over again.

|mp3| Annemarie - Apple (Suicide on your Stereo Set

My mistake, here's their myspace. Very happy to the band alive, doing well, and still creating music.