Thursday, July 10, 2008

Video: Santogold, Julian Casablancas & Pharell - My Drive Thru

So, the highly anticipated music video to ‘My Drive Thru’ is finally out, although it’s the chopped up version, because Converse probably thought that Julian’s high notes were completely unnecessary. The video carries a really close concept to the billboard ads, washed-out black and white images, but that’s cut out to form a series of animation through the techniques of stop motion. Well, there you go, stop motion is a technique that’ll never get old and can do absolutely no wrong.

It’s a fun video to watch, because I realize that a Julian Casablancas without a mic stand or anything remotely, resembling a microphone to hold on to just makes him look plain awkward. Good to see him not moving that much to the music either, keeps me assured that this is the same Julian Casablancas we’ve came to know from previous times.

Also, here's an interview with Pharell and Santogold sans Julian, because he doesn't like to be interviewed (that's my theory though), complete with snippets of footages from behind the scenes of the 'My Drive Thru' video.