Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Pick of the Week: Liars - The Wrong Coat for You Mt. Heart Attack

Here’s a tip: whenever you hear people raving about a particular band, and you’re not joining the rave party because you simply don’t get what the fuss is all about, think of it as this way, maybe you’re just listening to the wrong track.

In nature, I'm just not the kind of person who could cultivate an interest towards a band like the experimental, post-punk, three-piece, Liars. I remembered the band quite well through my past experience; I also remembered associating one of their songs to the word, ‘Horrendous’. But after identifying with Thom Yorke’s highest confidence for the trio, I realized maybe there’s more to the Liars than just ghastly horrendousness. Although I was correct for the most part, that Liars did posses a catalog of tunes that were “designed to frighten people”. However in between those songs, were laid a few gems that would’ve been most unfortunate to miss.

‘The Wrong Coat for You Mt. Heart Attack’ sends the world in a complete standstill. Beautifully mystifying and hauntingly bleak, it’s one of those few tunes that’s greatly affecting even as soon as the first note creeps into view. Still, undoubtedly, the song was meant to scare, throughout it, the music carries a dark, somber vibe with a spoonful of sinister in the air. But it remains as one of the more comprehensible pieces in their 2006 release, Drum’s Not Dead; inspiring, beautiful, and engaging, all in the most extraordinary and mysterious of ways.

|mp3| Liars - The Wrong Coat for You Mt. Heart Attack