Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Basia Bulat

Truth is, I’ve previously came to known the music of Basia Bulat - through a rather popular music blog, whose link you could find on the right-hand side of this page - for far longer than most of whom I’ve posted on. When I learnt Bulat’s first full-length, Oh, My Darling was also short listed for the Polaris Music Prize, it felt like the right time to resurrect previous adorations that I’d especially held in reserve for the Canadian singer-songwriter.

Basia Bulat may appear no less different from the rest of the singer-songwriter clan at first glance, but through further inspection of her outstanding craftsmanship, there is nothing even slightly ordinary about this 24 year old. The soft, translucent, and smoky vocals of Basia Bulat graces each tune with a natural and effortless aptitude, while enfolding simple, unadorned, minimalist folk music that’s tastefully brewed to warm your heart. ‘I Was a Daughter’ starts out with sharp strums of the acoustic guitar, soon followed by sounds of piano keys trickling in, one after the other, while accompanied by a barrage of rapid hand-clappery before building into gentle violin sweeps, as vocals hover above and glides on top of the impressive mixture of orchestration. Most dazzling of all, is the sparse, melodic tapestry of the 3 minute ‘Little Waltz’; Bulat’s warm raspy-ness quietly seeps in hushed, billowy movements alongside a melancholia of violins and acoustic plucks that softly treads across the song.

Exquisiteness at its best, highly recommended.

|mp3| Basia Bulat - I Was a Daughter
|mp3| Basia Bulat - Little Waltz
|mp3| Basia Bulat - In the Night