Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Release: Animal Collective – Water Curses

Songs from this newly released EP by Animal Collective called Water Curses, has been floating around the internet for quite awhile now. Water Curses is a four song EP, comprised mostly of Strawberry Jam leftovers, though that still taste just as good-- I mean sound as good. The musical texture and varying depth of the organic sounds employed in the sonic dominion of Animal Collective is what really makes music by this foursome a journey of its own kind. There’s a part of the review in Pitchfork which has a description to the music that's pretty spot on, like this one:
There's again plenty of intriguing sonic detail, and the track sounds especially good on headphones; with its bright, tactile production, the whole record is very visual, sometimes feeling like a series of weird scenes glimpsed through the glass of an aquarium

I particularly love the dreamy, almost fantasy-ish feel that occurs all through the record, with a recurring theme of an underwater, oceanic effect. This song, ‘Water Curses’, which carries the same title as the EP is the most accessible and upbeat out of the four: a gorgeously pure pop song, driven by vocals sloshing amidst a veritable sea of electronic chirping.

Animal Collective – Water Curses

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