Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #44

One of the genres that have been associated to the music of Oxford band, Foals, is ‘math-rock’, and by math, I mean the math that we all learn at school. ‘Math-rock’ may seem a little too random, but that’s maybe because the music they project onto the scene, sounded too planned, too calculated, moreover the band did state that they wanted to create music that sounded technical, and as far as ‘technical’ goes, this is as technical as 'technical' can get.

Foals completely blew me out of the water, with their ambitious debut Antidotes, comprising songs that wonderfully blends electronic nuances and rock elements. Laid down in their latest album, are tracks that are stylishly orchestrated, with a touch of sophistication that I wouldn’t expect to come from five young outlandish lads. Sophistication aside, more grating tunes with a slight post-punk mannerism do take place in this record, but it’s the slower, dreamier, spacious ones that makes Antidotes such a treat. It’s in this album, where you get to witness the band liberating their relentless youthful energy in upbeat songs, and draw in listeners to dulcet electronics in more ambientsy tunes. Needless to say, it’s a nice record, nicer than most of the albums I’ve listened to this whole year.

If there was one track to sum up and describe the album with just a single song-- and that you must definitely listen to, then ‘Balloons’ would be it.

|mp3| Foals – Balloons