Monday, April 28, 2008

New Release: Cajun Dance Party – The Colourful Life

Closing this month’s slew of new releases is the young British band, Cajun Dance Party’s The Colourful Life. What did I expect a debut album by a band that made hyper, pulsating pop nuggets, made up of 18 year olds, which I’ve heard to only one of their songs, would sound like? I had no idea. Overall, the band’s first album is pretty close to what I had initially envisaged it to be, though there are quite a few number of the “band’s weakest moment” in the record, that is in no need of mentioning here.

In this 9 collection of tight, compact pop songs, the band doesn’t stray too far from their young exuberance that lies deep in their age and experience, but I’m still tempted to say that Cajun Dance Party does slightly exhibit a musicianship way beyond their years, as displayed in ‘The Hill, The View & The Lights’-- which started out just fine the first few seconds, till lead singer, Daniel Blumberg came in.

Cajun Dance Party – The Next Untouchable
|mp3| Cajun Dance Party – The Hill, The View, &The Lights

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