Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Songs Stuck On Repeat

After reading a post from the blog, PrettyMuchAmazing!, about songs that are stuck on repeat which he mistakenly typed as ‘Songs Suck On Repeat’ which led me to believe, that all the songs listed are indeed the ones that suck on repeat, plus the songs did seem fitting, I decided to post my songs or the songs that had me hitting the repeat button over and over again. Besides, after fully giving in into LastFm, I found that it was interesting to discover which band and track I’ve been heavily rotating that week (which widgets are viewable at the right side of this blog).

These are for this week, so if you find any that strikes your fancy, you know what to do.

|mp3| Claude Debussy - Claire de Lune
How the hell did this song get here? Well, I’ve got that Japanese drama series to blame. Plus, I remembered playing the song till I was asleep on repeat, so no mysteries there.

|mp3| A Northern Chorus - These Days
Have already explained about this one.

|mp3| Bombay Bicycle Club - Ghost
Taken off their second EP, How We Are.

|mp3| Andrew Bird - Plasticities (Remix)
Goes to show, I’ve a crush on Mr. Andrew Bird. And this song.

|mp3| Psapp - Make Up
A mellow, soothing, melancholic, piano drenched tune.

|mp3| Bombay Bicycle Club - Sixteen
Possibly my most favourite track from this young band.

|mp3| Bears - You Can Tell
It’s one of the sweetest songs by the Bears.

|mp3| Psapp - Hill of Our Home
A truly mesmerizing tune, though it sounds a bit Grey’s Anatomy-ish

|mp3| The Redwalls - Hangman
It’s abrasive on the ears, therefore it’s addicting, but that’s before it veers into the screeching
vocals of Jet-like.

|mp3| Blonde Redhead - Signs Along the Path
It’s sweet electronic tinged pop quirkiness-- I can listen to these for days on repeat.