Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Mother Hips: White Headphones

I’m not putting up a post about the Mother Hips, because I consider myself an avid fan of the band, or a fan for that matter. The band’s been around since 1991, which ultimately and possibly could make them an oldie, but the breed of power-pop music they churn out, are nothing short of the energetic zest and fresh appeal that exist in the music today.

What I really wanted to do however, was to draw your attention to this particular tune-- because I felt obliged to, and mostly because the Velvet Underground likeness to it is very much indisputable. From the hazy, sluggish drawls to the heavy, distorted drones of the guitar, the music blissfully mirrors the other. The Mother Hips does justice by intentionally or unintentionally imitating the legendary sounds of the Velvets, albeit with a subdued grittiness or lack thereof. ‘White Headphones’ makes up for a good listen, particularly when that moment arrives and all you want is something that’s loud and abrasive on the ears, but without the extremity. Definitely worth a try-- provided that the Velvet Underground is your thing.

|mp3| The Mother Hips - White Headphones