Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cover, B-Sides, and Rarities: Bloc Party’s “The Once and Future King”

Bloc Party is a pretty amazing band; especially due to the fact that they've recorded 22 freaking songs for their latest (or no so latest) album, A Weekend In The City. Only eleven songs made it to the album, meaning that’s another eleven b-sides which they’ve released together with various different singles off of the record.

What’s more, the b-sides just completely blew me away, a stunning piece of work if come to a person who can really look at it from the right angle. B-sides as good as these are just justifications to how the album contains even more superbly excellent stuff, so get off your lazy arse and go get the album – provided that you still haven’t bought the album that is. This, in my opinion is the best one out of the bunch, tell me wot you guys think:

|mp3| Bloc Party – The Once and Future King

All eleven b-sides can easily be obtained - as they have been aimlessly floating around the internet for quite awhile now - with the help of knowing which button to push and what particular word to key in.