Monday, October 29, 2007

Bloody Hell, It's Exam Week. Again

Oh no, it’s the finals again!

I haven’t been in the cheeriest of mood lately due to this and now the exams. I’ve been soaking into some of Albert Hammond, Jr.’s tracks and it’s the only thing I’ve found, that’s kept me going and have kept me sane. It’s odd that I’d only realize now, how much I adore his songs; particularly this song, ‘In Transit’ – which is very road trip-esque and very fun to listen to.

|mp3| Albert Hammond Jr. – In Transit
|mp3| Albert Hammond Jr. – In Transit (Acoustic)

Albert is in the process of writing his second solo album, so look out for that one, cause I know I am and don’t forget to check out his other songs as well here, here, and here – otherwise you’ll have no idea what you’re missing out on.

**Ignore books in picture, I’m not taking ‘Society’ or ‘Physical Geography’, I’m taking engineering and I’m not really pleased of that.