Monday, September 17, 2007

The High Llamas

It’s good to give in to something different once in a while; displaying a bit of diversity as you go along. The music of High Llamas reminds me somewhat of an old soul in an old character – it’s perfectly soothing and serene - a far cry from the noisy, hard-driven loud music of what most of us would usually opt for.

I’ve only heard to two songs from the band and I’m already swept away by its intricately crafted music that’s awfully subtle and misty; the kind that you don’t get tired of listening to over and over again. I can’t get enough of the gossamer vibe that surrounds the beautiful mystique tones in ‘Bacaroo’ as well as the soft melodious vocals that sweeps over the background. ‘The Old Spring Town’ envelops enchanting lyrics, picturesquely painting the scene of an ‘Old Spring Town’. The presence of female backup singers compensates for what the lead lacks in vocal range and couldn’t come off as a better combination in creating the right blend. During some parts, you’ll even catch a glimpse of the charming music theme to 60’s melodramatic love scenes swinging in the least you expect it to.

Take a listen to these two tracks: ‘Old Spring Town’ and ‘Bacaroo’, and you’ll finally figure out whatever the hell I’m yapping about.

|mp3| The High Llamas – Bacaroo
|mp3| The High Llamas – Old Spring Town

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