Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Covers, B-Sides, and Rarities: Beirut

Since we're on the topic of all things 'Beirut-y', it wouldn't hurt if I'd post up more of Zach Condon's tremendous work; the lesser known ones but still deserves recognition for what its worth. 'Transatlantique' is a b-side from Beirut's single, 'Elephant Gun' while 'Interior of a Dutch House' is a previously unreleased track that intuitively places itself among the gems in Beirut's treasure alcove of scrumptious rarities – not that I know any more of the kind.

Though 'Transatlantique' was released together with the outstanding tune, 'Elephant Gun', it can never stand up to par for what 'Elephant Gun' has to offer; melodies that sways and sweeps you to buoyant corners of your thoughts. But, anything from Beirut is worth giving a chance, the same goes for this particular number.

|mp3| Beirut – - Transatlantique

'Interior of a Dutch House' is rich with the pleasantly warm sounds of the mandolin and trumpet. I thought it first came off as one of those non-typical Beirut tracks, but soon after reclaims itself by giving way to multi-layered vocals humming the sounds from faraway imaginary places. The song is divided into two parts, the first being the folky guitar singing Zach Condon and the second being the electronic upgraded version. Both are impeccably good and I found that I highly enjoyed every minute of it. So, are you saving it or what?

|mp3| Beirut - Interior of a Dutch House