Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Wombats

What? The Wombats? Oh no, not another one of those bands that’s going all ‘animal planet’ on us. I’ve nothing against bands that name themselves after animals, only when you go searching for the band, Google would start thinking that we’re some good Samaritan concerned about some damn animal – not that I’m not concerned.

I digress. The Wombats is one of the first indie bands to ever set foot on my not-so-vast music collection. Back then, I was hooked by one of their first singles, ‘Moving to New York’, and now 4 months later, they’re set to wow me again with their latest – or shall we say, not so latest – pop rock tune, ‘Backfire at the Disco’.

The band though as misleading as it may seem, are actually from Liverpool, England; comprising of two native Liverpudlians (??) and a Norwegian. Next up, they’re to be releasing a new single called, ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ this coming September, happening together with the release of their debut– surely it’s a song that’s not to be missed when it’s got a title like that.

|mp3| The Wombats – Moving to New York

The perfect anthem for when I’m ever thinking of moving to New York…… cause I’ve got issues with my sleep. (??)

|mp3| The Wombats – Backfire at the Disco

A tune about a date gone wrong and a day that’s turn to ‘shite’. Once you’ve got the song on, you’ll start woo-hooing with the band; gripped by their infectious rock sounds.

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