Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Crayon Fields: Do It First

First listen to Crayon Fields’ ‘Do It First’: I assumed they were a bunch of serious, experienced, no-nonsense type of guys that plays easy listening 60s/70s tunes in one of the oldest indie band, who prefers whispering out the words to their songs while infusing the subtle sounds of xylophones in their tunes - or maybe it’s triangles, or bells. (You may massacre or forgive me for my lack of knowledge in musical instruments, whichever way works for you)

As always, I was wrong – well, at least some of them are. They weren’t really how I pictured them; in fact they’re more known as a quartet from Melbourne, Australia which was formed during the last year of their high school during 2002. Their debut album, Animal Bells comes up as “children’s music” in iTunes and just what is the cause to this? Their music? Maybe. The band’s appearance? Maybe not.

But then, when you come across a band called ‘Crayon Fields’ with an album titled Animal Bells; crayons and animals - yup, children’s music it is.

For hints to how their music really sounds like, here are some adjectives that have been used to sum up their sound: atmospheric, happy, joyful, fuzzy-wuzzy, puppy-dog cuteness, dreamy, hazy, restrained, warm, etc. But hey, you be the judge, here’s one worth trying out:-

|mp3| The Crayon Fields – Do It First (right-click, save as to save)

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