Monday, July 09, 2007

“This Movie Is Gonna Be Sick"

**I’m back… Yup, facts are facts and whether you like it or not, I’m back. So, let’s kick things off with the cool new Transformers movie.

I’ve heard two people claiming that the movie, Transformers was gonna be sick. And yeah, I have to admit, after watching the movie, it is so darn sick.

You can’t imagine all the hype that’s surrounding this movie; one of the most heavily promoted movie of the year. It was everywhere, which made it kind of hard to ignore. I am not a big fan of Transformers the cartoon series, but yeah I knew they were about robots that could transform into cars, and trucks and whatever and whatnot, and that was it. Was I obsessed with them? Not in a million years. Not that there’s anything wrong with being obsessed with them, if you get my meaning.

Shia Labeouf’s performance was as always, funny as hell (no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of him soon) regardless of the god-awful Strokes T-shirt he was wearing that was pretty distracting at first, but I soon discovered among all the riot and chaos, and killings of robot, that the shirt had nothing to do with the movie at all (Its good to know that the Strokes aren’t selling out after all).

The transformation of the robots to whatever-jargon-that-the-
Transformer’s-hardcore-fan-uses was beyond cool, it’s silly to think that I even have to write that down; of course it was cool! It’s hard to watch the movie, and not go, ‘Omigod! That’s so cool!’ Although, sometimes you’re suppose to be scared, but it was always, ‘Woah, cool!’ I couldn’t have put it any simpler that that. The engineering world would always seem so much more interesting in movies, but reality is, it never is. Trust me, I know.

Overall, the movie has a lot of ‘laugh out loud’ moments, and it does contain some real-life characters, that are always entertaining to watch. Not so conventional camera visuals were pleasing to the eyes but there were definitely some cheesy moments that the whole movie is better of without. Besides, the movie is supposed to be about robots, right?

The ending was kind of like a drag and made the story felt like it was never going to end; there was a part of me that wished they would just get it over with. And the fact that you couldn’t tell which robot was which just didn’t help.

Apparently, there will be another two installments to the Transformers movie, man, these trilogy movies has been such a huge trend hasn’t it? Ever since…ever since Matrix, I guess. However, I don’t seem as hyped or excited to the next installment, usually because second installments to anything are always not-up-to-expectations.