Sunday, July 22, 2007

Strokes Sunday: Strokes Derivatives

Do you agree?

That all these bands are just another version of the Strokes? That’s pretty unfair to say so, although to be honest, I kinda, sorta do see the resemblance. But each band is great in their own right.

The bands that have been made Strokes comparisons:-

The Hives (The Swedish Strokes)

The Hives. They’ve been wearing black and white on every show ever since - black and white was first invented. They’ve got some pretty kick-ass songs but latest is, they’ve collaborated with Timbaland and I have to say this: I have nothing against the song, but the video is one of those things that I can’t agree with.

|mp3| The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So

The Vines (The Aussie Strokes)

Oh, the Vines, they’re great…I would’ve liked them first. If only they were – hotter. Know what I mean?

The Vines – Ride

The Killers (The Mormon Strokes)

The Killers do kinda sound like the Strokes in a way, but with a less cooler last name. One word, flower.

|mp3| The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done

Kings of Leon (The Southern Strokes)

If you’ve put it that way, then yeah maybe this is what the Strokes would’ve sounded like if they were from the south. The Strokes and them are friends and have toured together, so if anything, this Strokes comparison should come off as a compliment.

|mp3| Kings of Leon – Velvet Snow