Friday, July 06, 2007

Peter Bjorn and John

This is rather old news but I thought this band needed as much coverage as they should get since the music they make are of first class quality. It wouldn’t hurt if I promote their music to the shores of your region.

Peter Bjorn and John are not just two people, in fact they’re made out of three. Why lose the comma between Peter and Bjorn? I say why not lose the comma. Can there be a simpler name for a band - I didn’t think so. Well, anything works if your name originates from Sweden.

Peter Bjorn and John is a Swedish Indie Pop band and as we all know, the Swedish never fails to create good pop music. They’re popularly known for their hit single ‘Young Folks’ which features Victoria Bergsman who is formerly a member of the Concretes. The track can be found in their album Writer’s Block which was released last year.

The band makes a brand of pop music that could be mistakenly recognized as an oldie; the type of music that can bring you back to those days of bell-bottoms and flashy clothing, but with a less cheery and a more moderate sound. I’ve had them in my collection for a while now, often thinking to myself, will I ever get tired of them? Probably not, - probably never.

|mp3| Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks

|mp3| Peter Bjorn and John – Let’s Call It Off

ps/ i just discovered this site that is against everything Peter Bjorn and John to the point that its ridiculous. I think the guy's kind of more trying to sell the band, rather than stopping it. A complete nutter..

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