Friday, July 20, 2007

Mr. Hudson and the Library: Cover Girl

Describe the music of Mr. Hudson and the Library as hip-hop meets cocktail jazz, I wouldn’t be the least bit interested. But play their song ‘Cover Girl’, and I am instantly hooked. There’s something about the band - that I can’t really put my finger on - that’s not hateful, although they may specialize in a genre that I’m not so fond of.

The members of the band either hails from London or Birmingham, which then became the inspiration for their debut album title, A Tale of Two Cities which was released on March 2007. Their sound are sometimes described as a cross between RnB, reggae, ska and the Police, while Ben Hudson (lead/guitar), claims that he calls his music, English RnB.

Surprisingly, Hudson is an Oxford graduate of English Lit who often adorns eclectic outfits such as a combination of baggy blue denims, waistcoats and trilby hats while performing. Such an outfit surely stands out for such a band.

For the song ‘Cover Girl’, I was more taken by the words rather than the tune. It’s one of those songs that has playful, honest and natural lyrics.

The chorus starts with a rather uncaring statement, You’ll never be a cover girl/Just facing facts/Your face isn’t right but then he instantly makes it up by singing, But I’ll never want a cover girl/When I’ve seen you in this light.

Subsequently his voice starts toning down thus ending the song by singing I’ll never be a gentleman/Just facing facts/My face isn’t right/And you’ll never want a gentleman/When you see me in this light. It’s not everyday you hear I guy say that.

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