Saturday, July 28, 2007

Loney, Dear: I am John

There was once upon a time, where I’d be skeptical of things when they’re given away for free. ‘Free music on the internet, are you sure? Is it good?’ Time passes, age increases, and you start believing these people that you’ve never even met that recommends music (absolutely-FREE-to-try-music)on thingamajigs called ‘weblogs’.

You click on it, give it a listen, and you go, ’Good Golly!.....’ No, I’m kidding of course. You listen to it, and you like it – a lot. It’s even better than the ones you listen to on the radio.

Loney, Dear is a one man band in a form of multi-instrumentalist Swedish musician, Emil Svanängen. Similar to artists such as Peter, Bjorn and John, Loney, Dear is one of those bands that brings the Swedish indie pop to another dimension. The Swedes, otherwise known for their IKEA furniture brand, must also receive credit for the pop tunes they produce; tooth-achingly sweet and addictive.

When you read an album review, where they compare the whole record to sex – okay, intercourse in such a detailed way, you’d go, ‘It’s that good, huh?’ But, then you’ll never really know, unless you’ve tried for yourself. The songs I mean, not the…. So, I have complete faith in Loney, Dear, because it is that good and whoever those people were, they were right.

‘I am John’ starts slow and hesitant but picks up by the first minute with highly charming, delicate sounds of glockenspiel tings. By the time, the mini-chorus ends, you’re still listening to the song, wanting to hear more of those first few notes where you had that feel-good feeling of ‘nothing can ruin it for me right now’.

Discrimination against cheesy pop songs and men doing falsetto voices aside, this is one of the best pop tunes I’ve listened to in awhile.

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