Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love Is a Mix Tape

I’ve just got up from sleep after a hard night’s partying, I mean gathering and I’ve just remembered something. Earlier this week, hamiezah told me to post up something she’s been holding off for a while in case I’ve run out of inspirations on what to post. I reckon it’s about a book that she seems to be so madly in love with, which I’ve no knowledge of because I’m not so big on well…., reading. Well then, here you go:-

"Besides my various passions in music, movies and theatre, I’m also very much in love with books. So, I just had to get this book especially when it combines both writing and music. I discovered it and was inspired to read it because of Heather’s (from I Am Fuel, You Are Friend) review. It’s called Love Is a Mix Tape written by Rolling Stones writer, Rob Sheffield. The price was pretty overwhelming but you know, I thought it’s been a long time that I haven’t splurged on anything and besides, I deserved a treat. So, in the end I went and got the book. (At the time I am writing this, its exam week, just in case you were wondering.) So, I decided not to read the book until after the end of exams, because I already had enough distractions to cope with. I find it hard to believe that I actually have the book now, because I’ve only ever seen it on blogs or on the internet. So, every time I glanced across the room to the book, it feels pretty exciting. I don’t know if I’ll ever write a review on it, we’ll just have to wait and see…”

“But, now comes the more important stuff, stuff that if you don’t read, you’ll regret. When I went to buy the book with my sister, I had on this I dunno, a dress? Or is it a blouse? I think it’s actually a dress but I wore it with jeans, you get the picture? So, when I was on the LRT on our way home, I was tired, so I guessed I look tired, and there were no vacant seats at the time so I stood in front of these Chinese teenage girls. Hold on, I’m getting there. So soon after, I felt like they were talking about me in Chinese and I was like ‘Damned it, they’re probably laughing at me or making fun of me or something.’ But then, here’s the good part, the Chinese girl stood up and told me to sit down. So here’s the thing, there’s two ways to accept this, first, is to be insulted because she thinks you’re pregnant (because of the dress, you see, it has that effect) and second, is just to graciously accept the offer because you’ve got yourself a free seat and you no longer need to stand. In the end, I just sat, regardless.”

LOL! Good God, that’s pretty funny… Here’s a coupla songs to cheer ye selves up.

|mp3| Farrah – Dumb Dumb Ditty

|mp3| McFly – Just My Luck