Sunday, June 17, 2007

Covers, Rarities and B-Sides: Coldplay n Strokes

Hiya, it’s Mr. Coconut again, and guess who I’ve just received an email from? None other than the blog owner herself asking me to post up today’s entry which she’s sent me via email. I reckon it’s got to be about those bloody Strokes dudes whom sometimes she refers to as The Greatest Band On The Planet™. I question that a lot, unless we’re talking about the Beatles. Anyway, take it away hamiezah:-

Hey-ho it’s Sunday again, and on Sundays I like to talk about The Greatest Band On The Planet™; you know who.

I think it’s weird for anyone, anyone at all to like Coldplay and the Strokes at the same time because both have such a huge contrast. Don’t get me wrong though, I love Coldplay, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. It’s rare to find a ‘parental advisory, explicit content’ sticker on a Coldplay CD while for the Strokes it’s rare not to.

Okay, so it’s weird to like ‘em both at the same time, but it can happen.

Read both leads’ comments when fans were singing along with them during one of the concerts;

Chris: What an amazing noise, thank you!

Julian: You motherfuckers are loud, God bless you, thank you!

Here’s a rare one from both of the bands;

|mp3| Coldplay – Talk (the alternate and unreleased version)

|mp3| The Strokes – Clear Skies