Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #76

Closing this year’s ‘Good Jolly, Molly Wally!’, is this garage punk, San Diego band, the Soft Pack (previously the Muslims). Making music that’s somewhat inspired by the Velvet Undergound, the foursome conjures images of scrumptious retro punk tunes, that’s also ‘not too low-fi and catchy as fuck’. The retro-inspired riffs draw great similarity to the Strokes, with the exception that it’s well, better. I kid of course. But these are also great swaggering pop songs with all its tasty lo-fi goodness that’s been soaked and boiled to perfection. The band have yet to unleash a full-length release, but even with only a couple of materials (EPs, singles and such) under their belt, the guys are already well on their way to steal the heart of critics and many music fans the world over. There’s really nothing much else to say, except the fact that they’re really great. Really.

|mp3| The Soft Pack - Right and Wrong (right-click save as)

Plus I love somewhat weary, deadpan expression vocalist Matt Lamkin puts on in this basic, black and white, inspired video of the band, for their song ‘Extinction’. I say more videos should be done like this:

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